About Me

I'm a Floridian transplanted from the Midwest, and currently living in Alabama. I'm the author of one published novel, Hope's Shadow, and got my BA in sociology from Flagler College in 2005. I am now working on my MA in journalism.

I have been into music all of my life. I started singing in choir at the age of 5, both in church and in my elementary school choir. By my teenage years, I switched to band, learning to play the French horn. I participated in all county band 4 different years, and all state band 1 year. I am now attempting to teach myself to play the guitar. To date, I own 3 guitars, a lovely Fender electric, a 3/4 size acoustic (also a Fender), and my favorite, my Takamine acoustic (pictured to the left).

My first concert was to see Blues Traveler. I enjoy most types of music, but my favorite is rock (hard, classic, metal, soft, etc). I also greatly enjoy alternative, punk, ska, and indie. I'm less fond of country and rap. Pop and R&B I can tolerate, and sometimes even enjoy. I have a love for symphonic and jazz, as well. If I were to list all my favorite bands, I would go on forever...

I became interested in following local bands after befriending St. Augustine band The Wobbly Toms. Getting to know them gave me a whole new view point on what it's like to be a musician. A real musician, not a just play around like me. It is my goal to help make these local bands and musicians known to the public, because there are some really great bands out there without the coverage they deserve.

I am currently focusing on the Southeast, since traveling to see bands isn't exactly in my budget at the moment. Most of the bands presented here will be from and/or performing in Alabama and Northern Florida.

If anyone in the Region happens to know of or be a member of a local band and would like me to come see them, please drop me a line at aloshea@gmail.com. I would be thrilled to come see you play!